This is the course summary that appears in the Course Overview section of Moodle, NOT on your course page.  To edit the course description that students see every time they go to your course page, click "Turn editing on" (from the gear or Administration block), and edit the top section (which contains the course description, syllabus, instructor's contact information, etc.).

This course sets up a course at the basic-plus level:

      • Groups ("separate" groups--students can only see their own group's work)
      • File
      • URL
      • Assignment
      • Forum
      • Page (for popup windows)
      • Quiz  (created in a Word file and added to Moodle)
      • Turnitin
      • Gradebook

This course demonstrates designed for competency-based education.  According to this pedagogy, students are allowed to proceed to more advanced work only when they have demonstrated their mastery of prerequisite materials.  This course is designed for self-paced, online coursework that is done asynchronously.  The course uses the Lesson feature of Moodle.  The instructor can award a  Badge when each unit is completed.  Completion tracking and progress bars are enabled. 

This course demonstrates online course design for a collaborative course.  It uses the Groups, Files, Assignment, Database features of Moodle.  Students and faculty record textual, audio, and/or video messages.

Leader dashboard?

The final paper is submitted via Turnitin, and a simplified version of the Moodle Gradebook is setup??